Wedding Pre-Shoots @ Photography By HR

A Wedding Pre-Shoot is a chance to get in front of the camera before your big day! Some may call it 'the engagement' shoot! 

I use these shoots as a way to get to know you and for you to see how I work and get a feel for how it is going to be on your big day!

Pre-shoots can be in any location of your choosing. We can go for a stroll in your local park, a walk in the woods nearby, it can be in your back garden if you so wish! Im still waiting for a couple to go to the beach!!! 

I am interested in getting to know you so any place that is familiar or means something to you, even your wedding venue could be an option! 


During 2015/16 there has been stunning locations, 'Holi Powder' horses, dogs, cows and even a can of whipped cream!

Pie in the face! I said there was whipped cream! 

You can bring the whole family on your Pre-shoot!!


There was an extra special little person on this Pre-Shoot!

'Holi Powder' shoots were something I decided to do in 2015. The idea comes from the festivals of colour and love in India! It makes for a really fun and different shoot and you get some really awesome shots!

Last summer I got to do a 'Holi Powder' Hen Party! What an amazing shoot! A trip to Wales to surprise the bride as a treat from her fourteen hens!

Pre-shoots can be part of Wedding Packages with Photography By HR.

For an added £150 book your Pre-Shoot today!