Covid & Photography By HR


2020 was a year like no other for all of us, a year where we have all been in the same boat, a year where we have had to dig deep and despite all of the bad going on try and keep positive. 

Photography is not my main job, in fact I work full time in Insurance and so I have spent most of the year working from home and taking care of my four year old daughter. Only one of my weddings this year went a head, which although it wasn't the wedding the bride and groom had planned, it was beautiful and I truly believe that there is defiantly a different magic in having a small wedding. 


I wanted to add a note to my website to let you know that I am here and completely understanding of the decisions people are having to make at the moment in their lives. I think we all thought by now things would be better, sadly this is not the case and so we are all having to re-arrange our plans and try and get through the changes as they come.

I myself have been starting to plan my own wedding and have already had to put back plans due to restrictions so I completely understand what people are going through.

So far I have mostly been able to accommodate the couples that have weddings planned with me in 2021 & 2022 and also support a number that have had plans and photographers have not been able to be there for the new dates. 

At the moment I will not be able to take part in shoots of any kind due to restrictions and making sure that we are all keeping safe and doing our part to support each other and our NHS.

As soon as rules and restrictions change I will update my website accordingly. 

Couples please get in touch if you have any questions or queries, I am here anytime and also if you just want to have a chat.


I hope that everyone can keep safe and well and I send all of my love and happy thoughts Hx