Your Questions Answered


When it comes to Wedding Photography there are a number of questions I get asked quite a lot!

It is my aim to try and make your Wedding Photography Journey easy and relaxed from start to finish so here are some answers that might help you to tick a few things off your list!


How long will photography take and how long will you be at the Wedding for?

Simple, as long as you need! 

My packages are bespoke to you and the requirements of your day. I can be with you bright and early and stay until late into the party, there is no limit to my time. I am also not going to make a run for the door dead on the time we have agreed, if plans change  please don't worry I am completely flexible. 


What if it rains?

No problem! I will carry on shooting to the best of my ability! Plus raindrops and an umbrella can make for very beautiful images! As long as you are happy and relaxed I will make sure that we can carry on or use another part of your venue to take the Images we need too. This is something we can chat about when we meet, and something that you should not worry about. The weather is out of our control and I have the attitude that we go with the flow and make it work, Plan B is always handy too to have in mind if we need it!


Do we meet you before our Wedding Day?

Yes lets meet! I always think that its such a massive part of my process for clients to feel relaxed and at ease around me. If you want to meet up to discuss your Wedding Plans thats great and I always suggest we meet closer to your Wedding date to finalise details. A Wedding Pre-Shoot is always a great way for us to meet and for you to get used to the way I work! 


If your are there for Bridal Prep what time will you arrive?

I can be with you for Bridal Prep from anytime in the morning. It will be completely up to you! Some Brides don't like me to be there before they get their make-up done, others like pre getting ready shots of everyone without hair and make-up and still in their PJs! 

I will normally leave you once you have got your dress on in order to get to the Church to take a few snaps of the Groom, Best Man and Ushers before your arrival.


How long do you stay after during the evening of the Wedding?

I will stay up until after your first dance. If you require that I stay for the party or later this is not a problem and can be included in your wedding package.


What if we don't want loads of group shots?

Thats great! It gives me the chance to be able to get Images of your family and friends enjoying themselves, and have really natural candid images. Family is important so it is always good to have a few shots with those people closest to you, but I make this a relaxed and fun time during the day.

We can also discuss these types of requirements in the lead up to your Wedding Date if we get together to go over the final details.


What if I don't like having my photo taken?

A question I get asked all of the time! Don't worry! My aim is to make everyone feel at ease and relaxed on their Wedding Day. We go through your requirements so we can look at different styles and options to suit how you feel. My approach is fun, natural and relaxed so I hope that when it comes to it you wont worry and you will enjoy the moment!

A pre-shoot can be a great idea if you not too fond of the camera, its a great way of having a practise and also getting used to the way I work, so you know more of what to expect on the Wedding Day.


Are you insured?

Yes I have Public Liability Insurance.


What if you are ill and cant be at the wedding to take pictures?

Firstly I would have to be extremely ill to not make the Wedding Day. I would do my very best to get a replacement Photographer to cover your day.


If your camera or equipment breaks do you have a back up?

Yes. I have two cameras, back up batteries, flashes, lenses and camera cards. I do all that I can to keep my cameras in working order. 


How long will it take to see the pictures?

Images are normally edited in 4-6 weeks depending on how busy I am. You will be able to start previewing your images a few days after your wedding via a private online gallery through my website, this is password protected. I do also try and send you a sneak peak of images the morning after your wedding!


Do you offer albums?

Yes I offer Albums, please ask if you require further information.


What if we want to print images?

Once you have received your final images you have permission to print them. I do not hold copy right. 

Please note that some photographers wont allow you to have copyright over their work without paying an extra charge, so always check.


If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to contact me!