Photography By HR | A Wedding Pre-shoot


Wedding Pre-Shoots @ Photography By HR

A Wedding Pre-Shoot is a chance to get in front of the camera before your big day! Some may call it 'the engagement' shoot! 

I use these shoots as a way to get to know you and for you to see how I work and get a feel for how it is going to be on your big day!

Pre-shoots can be in any location of your choosing. We can go for a stroll in your local park, a walk in the woods nearby, it can be in your back garden if you so wish! 

I am interested in getting to know you so any place that is familiar or means something to you, even your wedding venue could be an option! 


During the last three years there have been stunning locations, 'Holi Powder', horses, dogs, cows and even a can of whipped cream!


In 2017 and got to live my dream of a photo shoot on the beach, and where better than Cornwall at Great Lantic Bay!

Pie in the face! I said there was whipped cream! 

You can bring the whole family on your Pre-shoot!!



'Holi Powder' shoots were something I decided to do in 2015. The idea comes from the festivals of colour and love in India! It makes for a really fun and different shoot and you get some really awesome shots!


Last summer I got to do a 'Holi Powder' Hen Party! What an amazing shoot! A trip to Wales to surprise the bride as a treat from her fourteen hens!

Pre-shoots can be part of Wedding Packages with Photography By HR.